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Re: YouTube to launch professionally produced channels

...and since that post is ridiculously long (I tried to be as brief as possible, honest! ) I'll make a different point in a different post, namely...

This is really all about advertisers. TV was invented as a way to corral audiences for advertisers. YouTube is having trouble convincing advertisers that their audiences are worth reaching because their content is embarrassing and the idiotic comments sections probably aren't helping.

Since YouTube has already corralled an audience, the real job is to sort the audience into groups that are useful to advertisers, and the content is used to do that. But are comedy and celebrity shows really the best way to do that? Why aren't the advertisers just stepping in, as in the early days of TV, and shepherding their own shows through the process, that are designed to attract the audience they want?

Probably because advertisers are just as behind the times as Hollywood and can't be bothered to think about YouTube and the opportunities it offers. It just looks like a bunch of stupid kids and their cat videos. The real revolution doesn't need to be in TV or YouTube video, it needs to be in advertising. Internet advertising is shameful - crappy banners everyone hates and stupid videos that are just brought over from TV and not at all adapted to the medium.

One of these days, advertisers will start to get smart. Maybe they need to organize into associations, so that the smaller companies that don't have budget for national TV campaigns, can pool their resources into a YouTube focused campaign. For instance, there have to be horse videos on YouTube, right? And there's a whole industry of companies that make stuff for horses and horse enthusiasts.

Why aren't those advertisers being matched with content, with the types of content that the advertisers like, encouraged through contests aimed at getting the current users to make better quality videos? Ten thousand small businesses for the horse industry can't afford to buy national TV advertising, but they would have a hefty budget by YouTube standards. They could be subdivided regionally for businesses where location counts (stables, large gear, etc) and not for internet-based businesses.

And that's just one specialized industry. Think of all the other ones that exist, all across the country. Every one of them is a massive opportunity.

Crap, this is getting long again, sorry...
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