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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Oy...I've a bad feeling about this. Also what was the deal with the First Slayer and the "not the Slayer" thing? We all know Faith is the "true" Slayer. Unless I totally missed the point of the dream sequences. I did love the fairy.
Just idle thoughts here but... wasn't the fairy introduced with one of the decoys who died in the same issue? Or did I read that synopsis wrong?

Also, wasn't there more than one decoy? How many were revealed in the Season 8 comics? Are all accounted for?

So, not the slayer. Maybe the story so far has been about a decoy and nobody has realized it yet?

I don't know. Don't really care either. Not really following the comics too much. They just seem loopy.
There were two decoys. One went underground and met the fairy and fought the demons who were eating her people, and died, in "The Chain" (issue 8.05). The other was never seen, she was the one in Rome, partying and dating the Immortal, to hide the real Buffy's tracks. We don't know what happened to her, but obviously her role would've become unnecessary once the real Buffy was publicly fighting the US troops in Tibet and having apocalyptic spacesex.

And no, this Buffy is the real Buffy. The fairy wrongly assumed that her Buffy was the real one, and that this Buffy was an impostor, but she realized her mistake.

However, the First Slayer also said "You are not the Slayer".
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