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Re: Tabulated review threads sorted by average score

Wow, this just became my favorite thread ever!

Not only do we get Sho's cool collection of all the recent book polls, but we get another peek at Mollmann's site (and, to a Wayback Machine novice, it seems extremely reluctant to divulge more than a peek).

Mollmann's site was the greatest thing in the history of mankind while it was around. As one who paid for many a good - as well as many a bad - Trek book, it was fun to see the consensus on the comparative level of talent possesed by the authors (which - in the case of the ones who proclaimed themselves experts of their craft - was doubly amusing). The site didn't get updated that often, though (was it updated shortly before its demise, Steve, or did it die off with a ton of votes never getting entered)?

Kind of ironic now to see Steve himself now getting smacked around in Sho's ratings (actually, he comes out in the middle of the pack, but somewhere Pamela Sargent must be taking perverse pleasure, nonetheless)

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