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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

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I'm sure some uptight historians have already complained about the book on which it was based, but how many people care what uptight historians, or any type of historians, have to say about their entertainment choices? If I were doing PR for this movie, I'd have some really uptight historians lined up to start bitching about how unseemly the movie is.
I'm a pretty easy-going historian, unfortunately.

But I can pretend to be uptight, if there's a paycheck in it for me.
You're hired!

The campaign I envision wouldn't require any actual historians. Easier to just get them straight from central casting and toss a tweed jacket at them.

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If this movie is a hit Asylum will have to do SOME kind of knock-off. I don't see why it couldn't be Obama.
I've never seen the need to avail myself of an Asylum opus, but I think that would be enough to do it. Barack Obama, Zombie Hunter. John Boener as head zombie.

Also, the screenplay should be written by the same guy who wrote the John Omaha/Japanese teenage girl body-swap story.
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