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Re: My homebrew kitbashes

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Wow, I gotta say, the Clydesdale....really lives up to the name

Great work on all of them though. Maybe the Pilotfish (& Avenger) should have it's nacelles angled outward (or moved outward) to provide more room for whatever it's "tugging".
Glad you liked the Clydesdale. I thought it's big and brawny and powerful.

The Pilotfish doesn't hard dock with anyone, it's a "tractor" tug, hence the two small aft facing dishes (tractor beam emitters).

Being a relatively small and "weak" tug, it would take probably two or three to tow really bulky vessels, hence the name "Pilotfish" (as in the little fish that frequently run with sharks).

The Avenger isn't a tug at all.

Thanks for the comments nontheless!
One DS9 episode had a small tug towing an Excelsior class, so they're not so "weak".
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