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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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I liked Bronsan's films. They were loud, splashy, silly, and, most importantly, fun. They knew exactly what they were doing and were having a blast doing it.
And did it without the "winking and nudging" that characterized most of Moore's Bond films (still my guilty pleasure, frankly).

I think Craig's Bond would play better as a constrast against the more lush, "romantic" landscape presented by the earlier films (pre-Dalton to be specific). Craig as "brute force and brutal" against the "nuanced and sophisticated" environment. But the look and feel of the actual filmmaking is as dark and harsh as Craig's portrayal.
Well, FWIW, there seem to be implications that Skyfall will be somewhat more "nuanced and sophisticated", more "romantic", than Casino and Quantum. For one, the descriptions of the Bond girls--particularly the "glamorous and enigmatic" mademoiselle.
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