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Re: Ghostbusters Comic Book

Actually as I look at those pages of the book, and consider what happened in the previous book, it seems this book takes place between the movies and the video game.

In the video game the Ghostbusters are already a paid city service, in the comics this just happened with the previous issue. In the game Slimer is already recaptured and inside a viewable containment unit in the firehouse garage/"lobby." In the comics Slimer was just re-captured in the second issue. (The game starts off with him captured, but needing to be re-captured at the Sedgwick hotel following a containment malfunction.)

But also in the comic Peter made an off-handed comment about a recent "rookie" (the name of the PC in the video game). Though in the video game Peter, and the other Ghostbusters, make suggestions that they've gone through other rookies and new recruits recently.

So it seems that the comic, mostly, must take place between the movies and the video game, if only for the reveal at the end with Peck being installed is over-seeing the Ghostbuster's operations for the city. (Where he's already at during the start of the game.)
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