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Re: Does It Get Better???

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That wouldn't change the number of stories that we could have gotten
I'd say it would, you take away the exploration elements and you lose like 50% of storytelling possibilities that come with things like investigating space phenomena, abandoned worlds or unknown distress calls.

All of which would be ignored or not done under Maquis rules.

since the ship often needed to stop and get supplies/trade and seek out new technologies/wormholes etc anyway.
No exploring means no seeking out new anythings.

They just would have taken a newer, fresher, more interesting approach to everything that would have helped "Voyager" stand out more as a show on its own and not a TNG clone as so many people call it.
More like Anti-Trek. Instead of exploring, they run from everything. Instead of helping folks in need, they ignore them because its "not their problem". Nevermind that the Maquis would know better than anyone what its' like to be abandoned or at a powerful enemy's mercy.

Hell, even in Farscape they were just a bunch of escaped prisoners on a stolen prison transport and even THEY did "investigate weird stuff" stories without anyone complaining.

The thing is, they could have easily maintained both the Maquis pragmatism (though I still think the Maquis weren't the right choice for the show) AND the exploration elements. If they didn't know where they were, or how to get home it totally justifies all the random exploring even for the Maquis. They can't fault Starfleet for spending time on exploring if they don't know how to get home anyways, random exploring would be their best bet to go home in that case.
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