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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

I wonder something, not about Swift as Éponine - big surprise - but how do you think they'll do the end? The Epilogue, like Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, brings back some who died. Part of the Epilogue is Valjean singing with Fantine and Éponine. And should the movie stay true to the stage musical, everyone joining in on the reprise of Do You Hear the People Sing? as the grand finale.

Any speculations on that, anyone?

A side note, too bad they movie wont have this in it:
Imogene, get serious! Who do you think you're talking to?! I've known you for 27 years, and all I can say is, if God was giving out sexually transmitted diseases to people as a punishment for sinning, then you would be at the free clinic all the time! And so would the rest of us!
--Julia Sugarbaker

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