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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

^^ Completely agree. Except I haven't seen Repo yet and I don't wear skull jewelry.

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Whisperer In Darkness is here!

If all goes well, I'll get out of work early on Friday and see it then.
How was it? The site says the Blu-ray is coming soon, so I'm holding off a bit longer.
It was excellent. They took quite a few liberties with the story, which surprised me-- more liberties than were necessary to translate a Lovecraftian narrative into a visual one. And it doesn't have the feel of a 30s movie to the degree that Cthulhu had of a 20s movie; you'll notice a couple of things that they never would have done in the 30s. But I enjoyed every minute of it. These guys are devoted to Lovecraft and they know what they're doing. The behind-the-scenes features are an inspiration to independent filmmakers. You won't be sorry for getting it.
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