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Re: Does It Get Better???

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You want to insure that you'll get home as soon as possible, so what do you choose to do?
I've got a really funny retort to this that I can't use, because you haven't gotten to that point in the show yet.

For everyone else:
I don't even get it.

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And honestly, it would be one seriously lame show if they did nothing but fly through space ignoring everything around them except whenever they needed to stop somewhere for supplies. This is Star Trek, investigating weird stuff is what they do.
Once again, your complete lack of imagination/penchant for exaggeration is showing. The idea was that there would be a crew that follows rules and strategies that are a mix of Starfleet principles and Maquis pragmatism - a new kind of order and approach. That wouldn't change the number of stories that we could have gotten since the ship often needed to stop and get supplies/trade and seek out new technologies/wormholes etc anyway. They just would have taken a newer, fresher, more interesting approach to everything that would have helped "Voyager" stand out more as a show on its own and not a TNG clone as so many people call it.
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