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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

I have no interest in reading the book, I really didn't care for Alice, but... well, Burton has a dependable style I generally like and this seems on the surface to be the kind of pulpy, inherently goofy premise that's worked pretty well for him in the past. I'll remain feeling vaguely positive until inclined to feel otherwise.

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If this movie is a hit Asylum will have to do SOME kind of knock-off. I don't see why it couldn't be Obama.
It has nothing to do with being a hit. The Asylum will release something with a similar name or plot at around the same time as the big studio movie hits theaters.
Precisely. Asylum's entire market strategy revolves around people mistaking their film for a Hollywood film with a similar but slightly different name. If they wanted to capitalise, they'd probably release something called 'Abraham Lincoln and Vampires' or whatever.

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I could imagine that if you do "Barack Obama: Vampire Hunter" and maybe let him run around like Blade that you'd get criticized into oblivion.
Well maybe it'd get criticized but there's plenty of pretty weird Barack-themed products in existence already.

Now adapting any of those into a film, that way is madness...
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