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Re: Trip & T'Pol Appreciation Society, 2010 Edition

Toolfriend wrote: View Post
What episode is this from please?
That's from "The Xindi," the first episode of Season 3.

CaptainMatt wrote: View Post
Hi new fan here. I was just curious: what episode or episodes did they first have Trip and T'Pol get together or whatever they did to become a supercouple?
Supercouple, that's nice. I don't know which episodes you've seen, and I don't want to spoil you, so here goes:

One of the early episodes in which the initial conflict between Trip and T'Pol started to ease is "Breaking the Ice" (1x08), in which events get them to start seeing each other as co-workers and potential friends, rather than simply adversaries.

The next significant development comes at the end of Season 2 ("The Expanse"), when Trip suffers a family tragedy and needs help dealing with nightmares and insomnia (3x01, "The Xindi"). Phlox does a bit of clandestine matchmaking and gets T'Pol to apply a sort of Vulcan massage called neuropressure to help Trip sleep (see picture above). Their friendship and trust solidifies.

There are several episodes that build on their developing relationship, including "Extinction" (3x03), "Rajiin" (3x04), and especially "Similitude" (3x10). Then comes "Harbinger" (3x15), in which they get together, sort of. The rest of Season 3 follows their rocky relationship, which smooths out nicely by the end of Season 3.

Then in Season 4, the writers toss out all the setup and potential of Season 3 by throwing in a plot device-- er, obstacle to their happiness (4x03, "Home"). [Forgive my highly biased commentary - this was just SO contrived from a structural standpoint.] There is a little well-done pathos and a lot of artificial plot contrivance over the course of Season 4, until "Affliction"/"Divergence" (4x15-4x16) and "Bound" (4x17), when Trip and T'Pol's relationship gets back on track, sort of. They are brought closer together by another tragedy in "Demons"/"Terra Prime" (4x20-4x21), and there's a nice resolution that indicates they will grow closer.

I don't count the last hour, "These Are The Voyages," a renegade TNG episode which conflicts completely with "Terra Prime" (not to mention the TNG episode on which it is allegedly based) and makes almost zero sense with regard to plot, story structure, or established character development. For all the characters, not just Trip and T'Pol. If you watch it, view it as a poorly-researched holodeck program put together by Lt. Barclay during a drunken binge in order to punk Riker.

And welcome to Trip/T'Pol wonderfulness.
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