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Re: Does It Get Better???

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What had the Maquis, as a group, actually done prior to Voyager getting lost in the Delta Quadrant? The Maquis in the beginning of DS9 were very different from how they ended up; I'm just trying to remember what had actually transpired in the Alpha Quadrant before Chakotay and Co. were forced to stop being Maquis.
They had done pretty much everything notable by that point. I think that the Thomas Riker incident was prior to Voyager, because no one on Voyager knew about the Dominion yet. After Voyager begins is when we find out that the Cardassians were planning on attacking the Dominion, not the Maquis.

The only plotlines that I can recall happening after Voyager gets lost concerning the Maquis are the Eddington arc and stealing the replicators, and then obviously the entirety of the Maquis getting wiped out by the Dominion. After the Cardassians get dominated by the Dominion, the Maquis are pretty quiet for a few years. Their goal was to live in the DMZ, and with the Cardassian military massively scaled back, they got their wish.
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