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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I don't exactly remember what the Maquis had done in DS9 prior to Voyager's premiere. Had they turned into a crazy mass-murderers yet?
Yes and no. Unlike Starfleet, they didn't have a book of rules that they followed. They were a group of very different people. Some were very mild mannered, like Chakotay, and others were blood thirsty killers, like Suder, Jonas, and Seska.
Well, yes, but I'm talking specific events. What had the Maquis, as a group, actually done prior to Voyager getting lost in the Delta Quadrant? The Maquis in the beginning of DS9 were very different from how they ended up; I'm just trying to remember what had actually transpired in the Alpha Quadrant before Chakotay and Co. were forced to stop being Maquis.
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