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Re: Tabulated review threads sorted by average score

That's nifty, maybe if I do wind up taking it in this direction I could seed it with your dataset?

My original ambition was just to track the voting already going on here, though, as a service to the forum. I think being able to compare just the threads here has its own value / fun factor socially, so I definitely want to retain having a site just for that . I hope to find some time to make a first auto-updating and more respectably looking+handling version later this weekend or next week. Keep making those review threads!

My worry regarding a more general voting site is that it would necessarily double as a book directory, and thus duplicate that part of existing sites. Perhaps it would be more sensible to plug a rating component into a place like Memory Beta. OTOH, maybe rating and associated charting / report generating features are big enough to stand alone and make the redundancy a minor offense - the greater UI focus that affords would be a big plus I should think.

Oh well, high-flying plans and so little time . I'll focus on the TrekBBS version for the moment, but keep reusability in mind for later.

Re The Children of Kings, best way to fix that is for everyone to head over there now and vote .

Edit: I've taken a few moments to add a datestamp below the table, fix a problem with polls lacking any votes turned up by the new The Rings of Time poll, fix a typo in one of the column headers and reflect a second vote for Children. Output and source code link updated.

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