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Re: Star Trek Vanguard- to read or not to read?

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I haven't read any of this series yet so I was hoping those of you who have read it can share your opinions on whether or not I should read this? I know it's set in the TOS era and takes place on Starbase 47, but otherwise am pretty much in the dark. Is it kinda like TOS meets DS9 or is it its own demon?

I don't mind if you guys have to give away some spoilers. It's to be expected when asking for someone's opinion. (Just don't tell me the whole story, lol). Besides, I know the first novel in the series came out a few years ago and think it's pretty unrealistic to give spoiler warnings for anything 5+ years old.
Personally I think it's crap. Its wanna be Star Wars. I think the only reason its so well regarded is because the authors have a pretty loud Internet presence on the boards and Facebook. I am really looking forward to the series ending and the schedule freeing up to the Star Trek I know and love. You know Jean Luc Picard, James Kirk Ben Sisko etc.. not Diego Reyes Tim Pennington, and the rest of the nameless losers that make up Vanguard.
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