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Re: Star Trek Vanguard- to read or not to read?

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Vanguard made me appreciate the "TOS-Era" as something more viable and worthwhile, not just a holdover from the stylings of the 60's, before the Movie-Era came in and made me love the original series characters.

I grew up on TNG & Matured on DS9, so the movies were always kind of like watching the result of a past I was never that familiar with. To this day I've yet to see most of Star Trek: The Original Series and I'd never really had a desire to, but then Vanguard came along and made me want to.
I think that just convinced me to rearrange my reading schedule. While my background is not exactly the same - I watched TOS several times -, the "grew up on TNG and matured on DS9" matches, and I can never shake a slightly guilty feeling of thinking the TOS era obsolete (almost physically fliched out of guiltyness when that word came out!) when consuming the media. I have a fair amount of love for individual TOS eps because they're great scripts, and the same is true about several of the novels, but I don't feel naturally drawn to the era.

I've been wanting someone to do TOS in a way that's informed by 24th century Trek, i.e. assume that's where the reader is hailing from and paint it as an alien and rawer period of history rather than go for an air of comforting nostalgia. And to exploit this for characterization - show how folks acted and thought differently when they could not take the achievements of later days for granted. It sounds like this might be what Vanguard is doing.

OTOH, I've heard it described as Trek's response to the Battlestar Galactica remake, which really turns me off. While BSG had incredible production values and direction, and I enjoyed the fleet politics elements, overall it felt too cynical and "forced dark and desperate" (which I don't equate with "realism" as the critics exulted). And for all its evocative gesturing, the through-line plotting just never really managed to pull its weight. To be brash, I'm hoping Vanguard is more than just "let's skew darker to cater to a jaded audience" and has a meatier story and purpose at its core.

One way to find out ...
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