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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Of course, you'll also note that we seem to be having 3-6 hours of 'scheduled maintenance' just about every single day lately. Can't say quite what's being fixed, but they are taking things down a lot to do it. Can't recall the last time I logged in in the AM and didn't see a message that the server would be down for a few hours today...

It looks like what they are doing (all in preperation for the opfficial F2P launch) is:

- Tieing in to PWE's network backend across the board (as anyone with a PWE account from PWE's other F2P titles - OR a Cryptic account (from CO and or STO) can log into STO now and make a character.

- Most likely expanding and adding server hardware on BOTH the patch server, game server and web server farms to handle what they expect to be a flood of new F2P player starting on 1/17/12.

- Getting the final tweaks in (patch wise) to the game servers and game client so that the game looks as 'polished' as possible for STO; again to make/give a good impression to these new players so they'll decide to keep playing and spend real money of Cryptic C-Points for the STO C-Store (which will be STO's main revenue sourse going forward.

It'll be interesting to see just what level of server load there is on the 17th of January as new players hit the servers (including the first few disruntled SWToR players who's first 30 day 'free month' is ending that same week; and those who decide not to continue subbing to SWToR may be looking for a space based/sci-fi MMO alternative. -- ALSO I'm not knocking TOR as I'm playing it as well as STO, but the fact is - with ALL MMOs not everyone who buys/tries it stays after the first month; and TOR, while a good MMO (if you like WoW style gound mechanics) has its flaws and issues as well.)
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