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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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^ Yeah, he was unlucky, to be fair. But he insisted, particularly on LTK, on playing Bond exactly as per the books. So no wise-cracks etc. And the audience expected wisecracks and a more cinematic 007. While Batman didn't help, this was also part of the reason for its underperformance.
I dunno, I found him to have some wisecracks in his films. However, they were in a completely different tone from Roger Moore (drier and no winking at the camera).

Personal theory: Had things been different and Dalton did a Bond 17 in 1991, people would have warmed up to his portrayal.
TLD had wisecracks but for me, Dalton's delivery of the likes of 'He got the boot' was the weakest thing about his performance. I don't remember him making any jokes in LTK (but no doubt they were there).

As I say, I like Dalton's performance, but compared with Craig's sardonic delivery, he's definitely lacking in that department.
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