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Re: Does It Get Better???

I'll say it again. It's unrealistic that the Maquis would so easily adapt to the Starfleet way of doing things. And they wouldn't continue to stand behind Janeway after all of her serious blunders. A mutiny would have been realistic.
If you recall the holo-novel from Worst Case Scenario, Chakotay takes control of Voyager and then gives the starfleet officers the chance to serve under him. Had that actually happened, and if I were onboard Voyager too, I would gladly put my support behind him. He wouldn't waste time on random anomalies. Chakotay would devote all of his time and resources to getting home, and if an opportunity to get home were to arise he would take it without hesitation. It's unfortunate that that version of Chakotay was only part of a holo-novel. Had he been portrayed that way from the start there would have been some serious conflict between himself and Janeway, and that would have made for some very engaging and exciting storylines.
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