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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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Like the original series, it could be more like Adama leading the best of humanity from the sinks of perdition to the promised land of Earth. Think Brigham Young leading the way to Utah, except with Cylons for dastardly Injuns.
so basically go back to cheesefest.

also is Adama suppost to leave the non best of humanity to die or something, i though he was suppost to be the GOOD guy here.
Unfortunately "cheesefest" doesn't actually say much. Acknowledging within the fictional universe that the exodus regards itself as the elect is not intrinsically cheesy. Of course, most people are not atheists, so there really should be some question in their minds as to whether Adama leaving the wicked behind really is a sign of God's approval of him as a "good guy."

For the record, "dastardly Injuns" is not a favorable comment on the original series. But this is a good point to remark that the Cylons are not really necessary to the premise. The further any remakes or reboots get from the vicious 9/11 hysteria infecting Moore's BSG, the better.
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