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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Saying it's just bad tells us how you feel but not what you think.
Well, I did go into a few reasons why I think its bad, but if you really wanted me to do an in-depth review I certainly would.

I'm not sure which DS9 reviewers who refused to review you're referring to, but I'd agree that a refusal to review an episode is cowardice in discussing it.
Double checking I can't find any details on why Favorite Son is bad other than the criticism that the race could not have originally evolved that way. Which doesn't seem very telling since the same applies to the Borg. The Taresians at least don't have magic bandwidth.

I only know of two DS9 fans who've reviewed the complete Voyager, Jammer and The GodBen (I think I've spaced the latter correctly, if not, sorry.) Both refused to even write a review of the episode. I can only speculate about the reasons.

The crackpot assertion above that there's "tons" of scientific evidence for genetic determinism (aka scientific racism,) is evidence that the intrinsic issues raised in the episode have something to do with its supposed badness. The claim that a simple statement of fact (about the nonreviews of Favorite Son) is somehow trolling doesn't just prove that poster has stooped to lunatic insults. It proves that the issue is deeply felt, which means that the episode's insult to that position is objectionable.

Formally, Anwar is perfectly correct that the Maquis would have no serious current objections to Starfleet, given that war against the Cardassians was not at choice to fight over. I think the resistance to admitting simple common sense stems from the duplicity of the Maquis argument. I think Moore really wanted to attack the humanitarian vision of the Federation, that he fundamentally believes that life requires that we do bad things, and that if we emote enough about it, we can move on and enjoy the benefits. I find this both foolish and nasty, but there you are.

The Maquis are not supposed to be wanting war with Cardassia, they are supposed to reject the fatuous, deluded ideals of StarFleet and the Federation. And Moore is outraged because Voyager didn't do what he wanted to do. True, in honest dramatic terms, what he wanted was stupid, but that is still what he wanted. And why the people who get off on a vision of a "Trek" that shows their kind of people find his grotesque rant so compelling.

There was an exchange, maybe in this thread, about Wesley's confession, which arises naturally in a Voyager thread. Moore is notorious for thinking that Wesley was wrong for betraying his friends. The record suggests that Moore is the kind of man who doesn't really believe in any kind of morality beyond thieves's honor. This is also nasty enough, and since there's no such thing, shameful folly.
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