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Re: Fic: Aventine

“Captain,” Lennier commented as they approached the Zagros jump point.

“I see her,” Sheridan nodded from the Captain’s chair, the thought of how they’d beaten the White Star in a race now forgotten as the impending conflict loomed, he could see ahead the ship looked to have changed configuration slightly, there were now sheets of what looked like solid armour deployed over most of the ship, blocking out the soft blue lighting that had come from various areas before and making the ship look more dangerous as a whole. “On my signal, open a jump point. I want to make sure the Aventine follows us in though.”

“Yes Captain,” Lennier nodded from the back, relaying his orders to the Minbari crew around the bridge.

“You may be right Delenn,” Sheridan commented off hand, looking from the now armoured ship across to Delenn who was looking at the screen with curiosity as well. “Jump to normal space.” He ordered after a moment, watching as the bright orange vortex appeared in front of them.

“The Aventine is following us through Captain,” Lennier explained as he read off the sensors. “Their armour is most impressive.”

“We can focus on that later,” Sheridan frowned. “Show me the mines.” He said, watching as the display shimmered for a moment before displaying Zagros Seven and the blockade mines that were in orbit. “Contact the Aventine, audio only.”

“Channel open,” Delenn said from where she had moved to one of the stations to the side of the bridge.

“Captain Dax, are you ready?” Sheridan asked.

“And willing,” Captain Dax’ voice came back, the good humour and light-hearted smile gone from her voice now and replaced with a business-like tone.

“Good,” Sheridan nodded. “We’re transmitting the information down to the colony, as soon as we’ve cleared the way, they’ll start to move out.”

“Ready on your mark Captain,” Captain Dax responded.

“Any sign of a Centauri ship?” Sheridan asked, looking over to Lennier. “There’s bound to be one hanging around to keep an eye on things, and I do not want to be caught in a crossfire.” He explained before turning back to Delenn. “Let’s go.” He said, making the final decision to head into the fray.


“Anything?” Captain Dax asked, looking around at Seven for any information she could give.

“Long range sensors are back to full strength,” Seven explained. “No sign of any war ships in the vicinity.”

“Keep scanning,” Ezri frowned, agreeing with Captain Sheridan that there had to be one somewhere around to be keeping an eye on things. “Follow the White Star in, target the blockade mines with phasers, clear the way G’Fokk.”

“Aye Captain,” G’Fokk snarled from tactical, bringing up the closest target on his scanners and preparing to fire.

“Weapons range in four, three two…” Seven counted down as the view screen changed to show the targeted mines.

“Fire,” Ezri nodded solemnly, watching as G’Fokk fired the first volley of phaser fire into the targeted mine, slicing through it with ease.


“What the hell was that?” Sheridan asked, watching on the view screen as a beam of bright orange light shot past the White Star and carved the first mine up with ease before they were even in weapons range.

“Some sort of energy beam Captain,” Lennier explained. “Extremely powerful, sensors indicate it was some form of particle beam, though they are unable to give a precise reading of the energy used.”

“I don’t doubt it,” Sheridan frowned as another orange beam sliced through the sky and destroyed another satellite. “Bring us to weapons range.”

“Approaching range now,” Delenn nodded as the view screen showed the satellites beginning to turn towards them.

“Take them out,” Sheridan said firmly, watching as Delenn manipulated a few crystals and bright white pulses of energy shot out to impact the nearest satellite, destroying it easily.


“Captain,” Seven called out. “Picking up a spatial distortion six thousand meters off the targeted mines,” Seven explained.

“On screen,” Ezri said, standing up from the Captain’s chair and looking at the view screen. She watched as the space seemed to shimmer for a moment before a black ship seemed to fade into view, like it had been using a cloak or some sort of phasing technology to hide from sensors. “Are those the Centauri?” She asked, turning to Marcus and Ivanova, recognising the black spikey ship as the one that had targeted the Borg Sphere when they’d first arrived in hyperspace.

“In Valens name,” Marcus whispered out as he stared at the image shown on the view screen. “The ancient enemy.”

“Captain Sheridan?” Ezri called out, opening the communications channel again.

“We see it,” Sheridan’s voice came back. “Be careful, those ships are extremely powerful.”

“They are called The Shadows,” Ambassador Delenn’s voice joined Captain Sheridan’s.

“They must be here for the same reason we are,” Sheridan commented. “Keep focusing on the mines.”

“Target the next area,” Ezri ordered, turning to G’Fokk. “Clear as many as you can,” She said before turning to Julian. “Keep us away from that ship,”

“I’ll do my best,” Julian said with a nod as G’Fokk fired another phaser volley that destroyed another mine.

“Captain, Shadow vessels are extremely powerful,” Marcus explained. “We only know of them from records from a thousand years ago.”

“I’m getting the idea Marcus,” Ezri nodded at him. “Keep firing.”

“Captain, the enemy vessel is targeting the White Star,” Seven explained.

“Keep doing our job,” Ezri ordered. “Sheridan can look after himself, clear the way.” She said as another mine was destroyed.

“The way is clear,” G’Fokk snarled out. “Eight mines destroyed Captain, enough for the colonists to leave.”

“Good,” Ezri nodded. “How’s the White Star doing?” She asked, looking to Seven.

“Avoiding enemy fire,” Seven responded.

“Let’s see if we can give them some breathing room,” Ezri said as she sat back down. “Target the Shadow vessel.”

“Aye,” G’Fokk snarled, baring his teeth as he brought the enemy ship onto the view screen.

“Fire,” Ezri said with a glare as she watched the Shadow vessel fire another bright pink energy beam towards the White Star.
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