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Re: Fic: Aventine

“Simply amazing Captain,” Captain Sheridan said as he walked into the conference room, his eyes immediately drawn to the large set of windows that dominated the left side of the room where outside he could see the White Star hovering alongside.

“Quite,” Ambassador Delenn smiled. “Your race is truly advanced; it is surprising we have not heard of you before.”

“Well, there’s a slight story to that,” Captain Dax said, gesturing to the chairs that were neatly placed along the large metallic table that ran the length of the room. “Please,” She smiled, moving to take a seat herself. “The others will join us soon.”

“May I?” Sheridan asked, motioning to the pitcher of clear liquid that stood on the table along with several glasses.

“Just water,” Ezri said with a nod.

“I was hoping so,” Sheridan smiled back. “Now, you were saying something about a story?” He continued as he poured himself a glass of water before pouring one for Delenn and sitting down with her on the opposite side of the table from where Captain Dax was sat.

“We actually came here by accident,” Ezri broke in, deciding to dive in straight to the deep end with the explanation. “Seven can explain it better than I can, but we were under attack by a race called The Borg…”

“Not heard of them either,” Sheridan interrupted with a shake of his head.

“You wouldn’t have,” Ezri frowned slightly. “Though I fear you may soon.” She said sadly. “As I was saying, we were under attack and had to use an experimental means of propulsion in untested circumstances.” She explained briefly, not wanting to get into the scientific detail behind the Quantum Slipstream Drive or the mechanics behind the Bajoran Wormhole. “The result overloaded our engines, damaging the experimental drive and resulted in finding ourselves in what you call hyperspace.”

“It is heard of,” Delenn said thoughtfully. “I have heard of some of the younger races that developed jump technology by accident, an experiment with propulsion or gateway technology that resulted in the creation of a jump engine.”

“I’m afraid that’s not the case here,” Ezri said with a sigh. “Upon finding ourselves in hyperspace, one of the first things Seven did was run an astrometrics scan of the surrounding area.” She explained, pausing when Captain Sheridan frowned at the unfamiliar word. “A type of sensor array we use for navigational charting and mapping spatial anomalies.” She explained further. “It was then we discovered the quantum resonance of this universe differs quite drastically to our own.”

“I see,” Delenn frowned over. “Then, you are not from this universe then?”

“Not from this universe?” Sheridan asked in shock, the technobabble having gone completely over his head. “Would one of you mind clueing me in on what I missed there?”

“The quantum resonance as you call it,” Delenn explained softly. “To the Minbari it is known as the Kalac’cha, God’s Fingerprint to use the human term,” She explained to Captain Sheridan with a smile. “The entire universe has the same fingerprint, an energy signature that covers everything, every item from you and me, to the White Star and Babylon Five itself.”

“Ok, so we’ve all got this signature,” Sheridan nodded, following so far.

“What Captain Dax is saying, is that their fingerprint, or energy signature, is different to ours.” Delenn explained. “The experiment she talks about must have crossed the walls between universes and brought them here.”

“You’re from another universe?” Sheridan asked, looking at Captain Dax with even more curiosity now.

“And we’re not sure if we can return to our own,” Dax said sadly, looking over the table at them before the doors hissed open and G’Fokk walked in followed by Commander Ivanova, Marcus and Seven.

“Commander,” Sheridan said happily. “You just missed the big reveal.” He smiled over at her as they all came and sat at the table, Captain Sheridan’s crew on one side and Captain Dax’ crew on the other.

“Oh?” Ivanova asked cautiously, looking over at Captain Dax for an explanation before turning back to Captain Sheridan.

“It seems Captain Dax here, along with her ship and crew, are from slightly farther away than we thought,” Sheridan said calmly, enjoying the suspense.

“Where are you from then?” Ivanova asked, turning to Captain Dax and then back to Captain Sheridan before Marcus interrupted.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Marcus said bashfully. “But we have got a planet to rescue here, not that this isn’t interesting and all, but the longer we wait the more time the Centauri have to shoot down our people trying to escape.”

“Marcus is right,” Delenn nodded softly. “We can discuss this after the colonists on Zagros Seven are safely away from the Centauri blockade.”

“Agreed,” Ezri nodded in agreement. “We have the information we retrieved from Marcus’ transport,” Ezri explained as she stood up, moving to the screen at the head of the table and pulling up the information that Marcus’ transport had recorded when leaving the system originally. “We have twenty eight satellites in orbital paths around the planet.”

“I don’t see any sign of a Centauri ship,” Sheridan said with a frown, looking at the data being shown on the screen.

“I do not believe the Centauri would leave a blockade like this unprotected,” Delenn said calmly. “Just because Marcus’ sensors did not detect it, does not mean there will not be a ship there.”

“So one, maybe more Centauri battleships on top of the satellite grid,” Sheridan nodded firmly. “How many of those things do we need to take out before people can start moving through safely?” He asked, turning to Marcus for the answer.

“Five,” Ezri supplied the answer before Marcus could. “If we target these five,” She explained, highlighting the ones Seven had chosen. “It creates a hole big enough for most ships to slip through, the other satellites should be out of range from what Marcus tells me.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Sheridan nodded in agreement.

“We do have one other option open to us as well,” Ezri explained, “A last resort if you will if the attack fails.”

“It looks solid to me,” Sheridan commented, looking at the display. “If you focus on the two here,” He pointed to the bottom two satellites from the highlighted ones. “We’ll go in high and take out these two, whoever’s done first can take out the central one.”

“Let’s not turn this into a race,” Ivanova commented from her seat where she was watching the display with interest.

“What do you know about these satellites?” Ezri asked, looking at Captain Sheridan and Ambassador Delenn for the answer. “Specifically their offensive capabilities?”

“A blockade manoeuvre the Centauri have used many times before,” Delenn explained. “Their weapons are weak compared to ship based cannons, though the make up for it in numbers, waiting until ships are at their closest to fire from multiple angles and destroy the ships in a crossfire.” She frowned at the idea of the tactic before continuing. “The Centauri prefer ion based technology, their plasma based weapons are relatively new to them, I would not expect more than the White Star could handle alone.”

“Then with two ships we have the advantage,” Sheridan nodded happily. “Good, just the way I like it.”

“Indeed,” G’Fokk grinned from his side of the table, baring teeth again in a snarl eager for combat.

“Commander, I’d like for you to stay aboard and coordinate things from here,” Sheridan nodded towards her. “As long as Captain Dax has no objections of course?” He added quickly, turning back to Captain Dax to check this first.

“Of course not,” Ezri nodded in agreement. “We’re short-handed as it is.”

“Then it’s settled,” Sheridan nodded. “Once we’re back on board the White Star we’ll signal you, we can then travel to the Zagros system and you can follow us in.”

“Agreed,” Ezri nodded in agreement.

“After which, I look forward to learning more about you, and this star ship,” Sheridan said with a smile.

“The Aventine is quite a lady,” Ezri smiled proudly. “I’ll be happy to give you a tour once we’re on route to Babylon Five.”

“I look forward to it also,” Delenn smiled with a small bow.

“Then let’s not wait any longer,” Sheridan said as he stood up. “We’ll head back to the White Star now and signal you when ready.”

“And we’ll follow you from there,” Ezri said as she stood up opposite him with a nod and smiled, eager to have something for the crew to actually focus on for once. “Lieutenant,” She said, turning to G’Fokk. “If you’d like to show Captain Sheridan, Ambassador Delenn and Marcus back to the shuttle bay, I’ll announce to the crew what’s going to be happening.”

“Of course,” G’Fokk snarled as he stood up. “If you’d follow me.” He said calmly, waiting for Delenn and Marcus to stand before moving to the doors.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to stay as well,” Marcus said as he stood up. “You said you were short-handed, I can probably do just as much good here as I can from the White Star.”

“I have no problem with it if it’s ok with Captain Sheridan?” Ezri replied, looking to Captain Sheridan who in turn looked to Ambassador Delenn.

“I am sure we will cope without you,” Delenn said wryly with a nod towards Marcus.

“Great, all settled then,” Marcus beamed over as Captain Sheridan and Ambassador Delenn followed Lieutenant G’Fokk out of the room. “So, what can I do to help?” He asked eagerly, looking around the table.
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