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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Hey, I'm new around here. As of this posting I have been a member of this forum for about....5 minutes or so. I didn't see a dedicated forum for introductions so I'll just fill the stuff I would normally put in a thread in this post...

I'm Dan. 19, and an aspiring writer/actor. I'm a movie buff so I spend a lot of time watching movies and growing up I was always a Star Wars kid. Watched the movies, bought the merch, and helped fill George Lucas' ego, a crime I am still guilty of to this day. That being said, I was always anti-Star Trek. To me George Lucas was the master of Sci-Fi and Star Trek was nothing more than a cheap knockoff of it (at this point you can probably figure that I had only seen stuff from TNG on). Anyway, I went on with this mentality for quite sometime until finally deciding to cave in and just take a look at the older Star Trek stuff, from TOS era. So i took the time to watch an episode online and I hate to admit it but I loved it. Heck I loved it enough to pick the first season up on blu ray at the local video store. I'm about halfway through the first season so far (I've been side tracked with various things) but it grew on me enough that I also picked up the Original Motion Picture Collection and I have spent the last few days watching through the films. My god, they are brilliant. I'm not sure what I like more: seeing the shows translated so well to film, the quips from Bones to and about Spock. I just finished watching TVH and I think it may just be the funniest one in the series but I loved every minute of it. In fact Star Trek II and III are on the list of few films that actually can invoke tears from me.

Anyway before I ramble anymore here I am,

Live Long and Prosper,


....The Star Trek n00b
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