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Moving on, unless you'd like to discuss Before And After some more, I've got a couple more episode reviews.

Real Life: I liked the small scenes between Tom and B'Ellana, as well as the Doctor's development, but the story involving him and his family was full of stupid and cringe worthy family movie cliches. I couldn't stand his son who wanted to be a Klingon; I would have slapped the out of him if I were the Doctor.
I'm disappointed.
I found his son hilarious and family cliches hilarious.
However the kicker is when all that ends when you have to watch his daughter die. First time I watched it, I bawled my eyes out.
This will always be my #1 favorite Voyager ep.
This too me was the Doc's "Inner Light".
I'm glad you enjoyed it, but do you honestly believe that this episode is of comparable quality to The Inner Light? IMO, The Inner Light is not only the greatest TNG episode ever, but the greatest Star Trek episode period. As much as I like Robert Picardo, there's no beating Patrick Stewart when he's at his best, and he really poured his soul into the part for The Inner Light. IMO, Real Life is just too cliched and cheesy to be anywhere near as good as The Inner Light, which I think has a very original and intelligent storyline. But that's just what I think. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. Glad you enjoyed this episode.

Moving onward, I just watched a couple more episodes.

Displaced: This was quite a good episode. Slowly transporting the Voyager crew off the ship and replacing them was a very original and interesting idea. I liked Chakotay's scenes at the beginning quite a bit. The way he maneuvered around the ship, shooting aliens and disabling systems, was very cool and fun to watch. I liked the way the aliens in this episode locked their captives in holo environments that mimicked their actual environments. On the whole this was a very fast paced, action packed, and exciting episode. I was very pleased.

Worst Case Scenario: My only complaint about this episode is that the premise for the holonovel didn't actually come true and it wasn't used back in season one or two as a long story arc. It would have made for some really dramatic storytelling with real consequences and development for the characters. Revelation, betrayal, and loyalty are all great themes. A shame they weren't explored more earlier on. Now it's too late because Voyager is one big happy family.
Putting my rant aside, I thought that this was one helluva great episode. The opening kept me guessing as to what was happening. I was a little disappointed when I discovered that it was all just a holonovel, but the story still kept taking lots of twists and turns, from the revelation that Tuvok wrote the program to the discovery that Seska sabotaged it. All in all this was a very, very fun and exciting episode. Definitely one of my favorites of the show so far.
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