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Re: Mariska Hargitay to Continue with Law & Order:SVU

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Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana waived their rights to Munch but there's a third guy whose name escapes me right now who didn't and they still have to pay him royalties.
David Simon? I believe he's one of the other creators of Homicide.
Simon wrote the non-fiction book the series was based upon, but the third person is probably Paul Attanasio, who wrote the pilot and has the sole "created by" credit on the series (Simon's "based on" credit is relegated to the end titles; he didn't join the series until the fourth season, although he did co-write an episode of season two).
It is Simon, actually, who has the third part of Munch's character rights, due to Munch being based essentially entirely upon a character in Simon's book, right down to lines of dialogue, and as part of his sale of the book, Munch was one of the characters to whom he holds partial ownership. According to The Unofficial Companion, which is at least authentic enough to have a pretty detailed foreword from Dick Wolf and direct quotes from cast and staff (along with being written by two longtime Hollywood Reporter writers), Simon was the lone holdout in waiving the rights to Munch on SVU, and as a result he gets a royalty payment for every single appearance the character makes.

In any event, between his television, stand-up and book work, Belzer's made his money, and it's not like, after 13 years on SVU, he's making eight bucks an hour for his work. He's made his money, and from comments he's made in the past, he's perfectly fine with showing up for a few scenes an episode and earning a decent paycheck to finance his love of travel.
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