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Re: Mariska Hargitay to Continue with Law & Order:SVU

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but the ratings have been pretty good
Uh, not really. It's averaging only around 7 million viewers per episode, nearly 2 million down from last season (and more than a million viewers less than the numbers which got Criminal Intent punted to USA Network), and it's tied its all-time series low in viewership at least twice this season. SVU's renewal is far from a sure thing, though I'd tip the scales in favor of Season 14, if only because Giddish and Pino signed two-year contracts and NBC surely won't want to eat that money.
Its ratings may be down but it seems like they're pretty much down across the board on NBC nowadays. Things are a lot worse for NBC now than they were when Criminal Intent was moved to USA. (And even then, Criminal Intent would still pop back up on NBC every once in a while.) Plus, since it's a Universal show, that means that NBC/Universal makes extra money on DVDs & syndication.

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I assume she is still going to be moved into some sort of a supervisory role at some point in the season.
Yes. Her demand for signing on for Season 13 was that she have a reduced workload, so she signed a deal that had her in a full-time role for the front thirteen episodes of the season, and would move her into a reduced role for the back nine. I'll bet you anything that Dann Florek has been given his walking papers.
Hey, it's not like any of them ever listen to Captain Cragen anyway.

That might kinda suck for Florek but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. It would be similar to Jack McCoy's promotion to DA during the 18th season of the original series. (One difference though: The previous DA, Arthur Branch, left the show voluntarily because Fred Dalton Thompson wanted to make a run at the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination.)

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Is this show worth watching anymore? I quit watching SVU years ago, as it got kind of stale for me.
It's Law & Order. It's always going to be the same. The main question is whether or not you're in the mood for it.

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As sad as I am to say it, the simplest thing financially would have been to have Munch retire as well. There must be some kind of financial dues due to the Homicide people for using him every episode and he's only in a third of them a season anyways.
Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana waived their rights to Munch but there's a third guy whose name escapes me right now who didn't and they still have to pay him royalties.
David Simon? I believe he's one of the other creators of Homicide.

Why don't they use Munch more often?!

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As for Benson: If she does take over the squad, I bet Munch would be only too happy to let her (he hates it when he has to run things, he only took the Sergeant's exam on a bar bet ).
He also took the Sergeant's exam back when he was in Baltimore at the same time Kay Howard did, but he flunked it. (I think. Either he flunked it or he got kicked out of the exam room for sass-mouthing the teacher.)
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