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Jennifer grabbed at him. He was waking up anyway, and there was some time before the alarm went off. Not that she really, truly wanted to do the deed, but it would buy her some time as she thought about what Tucker had suggested.

"Wha – huh?" he was still rousing himself. And some parts were rousing faster than others. He blinked several times. "Why'd you have ta go and wake me?"

"You were having a dream of some sort." she yawned.

"Yes. I was." he was getting more angry than aroused.

Jennifer grinned at him. "I like it when you're hot with anger. C'mon. It's been a long time." She tossed her lingerie off and to the floor.

He stared at her. Red hair, red nails, red lips. Peaches and cream complexion. There was no question that she was stunning. He bent over and kissed her.

"C'mon. Let's be like it was. Do it like we used to last year." she beckoned.

She grabbed at him in a way that he used to find scintillating. He swallowed hard and stared at her. "What's bringing all this on?"

"I just wanna do it. C'mon, Ol-, uh, c'mon!"

"You can't even bring yourself to call me by my name any more. Or are you afraid you'll call out 'Aidan' at the wrong time?" he was no longer interested and just glared at her.

"Wait a second. You want me. You know you do. Lots of guys would kill to have me." she bragged.

"Then let them have you. Oh, wait. You already do. Get out. Now. Get your things and leave."

"Why should I leave?"

"These are my quarters, Jenn. Move it."

"I won't have quarters." she complained.

"I hear MacKenzie is looking for a bunkmate. Or maybe Ramirez. Or Mayweather when he's not otherwise busy. Yes, I know about all of them. And Delacroix, too."

"You're gonna want me back. You can't live alone!"

"Oh, spare me the drama and just get some clothes on and let your freckled butt be the last thing I see that's yours."


"Roomie! Are you okay?" Jennifer was solicitous.

"Huh? Oh, yes, I suppose,” Lili sat up and hugged her knees to her chest.

"Anything you need to talk about?"

"Um, no. But thanks,” Lili got up and dressed. She didn't want to look at messages or anything – just get to work and try to think about something else.


"How far away is that ship?"

"Perhaps a full day at best, First Minister."

"And you said there was an interesting candidate?"

"Yes. Our doctors and scientists are working on the arrangements. Almost all of the details have been worked out."

"And we will know more about them than they would ever tell us?"

"That is the idea, First Minister. Plus, of course, the main purpose can be fulfilled. Polloria is in place and the people will accept her if we can get it all to work just right."

"Excellent. And the other –?"

"No change, First Minister."


"How far away is that ship?"

"Less than a full day, First Minister."

"And you said there was an interesting candidate?"

"Yes. Our doctors and scientists are working on the arrangements. Almost all of the details have been worked out."

"And we will know more about them than they would ever tell us?"

"That is the idea, First Minister. Plus, of course, the main purpose can be fulfilled. Polloria is in place and the people will accept her if we can get it all to work just right."

"Excellent. And the other –?"

"No change, First Minister."


Lili barely looked up all day, as Chef had told her there would be an Executive-level vegan dinner in the main conference room. Six people, including the Captain, Dr. Phlox, T'Pol and Hoshi Sato. The other two guests were unknown. She had full rein, and could feed them anything she wished.

This was the kind of challenge that Lili liked, and she threw herself into it with gusto. It also, conveniently, took her mind off other matters.

By eighteen hundred hours, she was wheeling a small cart into the main conference room. Captain Archer and First Officer T'Pol had already arrived.

"Captain! I'm usually early with these things." she babbled as she set the table for six.

"We ended up being really early. Here, let me help you with that."

"That's my job, Captain."

"Um, Ensign, this dinner, this meeting isn't a chance for us to enjoy your cooking so much as it is about you."

"Oh,” Lili's face fell.

"You're not in any kind of trouble." he assured her, putting a fork on a napkin. "We just need to have a talk." Hoshi and Phlox walked in. "Looks like everyone's here." Captain Archer said.

"There are only five of us in here,” Lili pointed out.

"Well, we were hoping there would be a sixth but –?" Captain Archer's voice trailed off as he saw Phlox shake his head.

"May I make a suggestion?" Phlox inquired. "Let's save the business for after the meal, if that's at all possible. I haven't had a chance to savor the Ensign's cooking before. At least, not when I have known it is only her doing the cooking."

"Actually, Captain, that would be more comfortable for me,” Lili said, “My not knowing what this meeting is about is my problem for not checking messages. Plus the whole presentation is to tell you about the dishes. Is that all right?"

Everyone nodded. "All right. The theme for this vegan dinner is Halloween, as it is coming up in a few days. It's easy to make orange food."

"Ugh, I don't think I want to see another orange for a while,” Hoshi said.

"Not to worry, I'm just talking about the color, not the flavor,” Lili assured her. "So, orange is easy. But black is far more difficult, without simply burning everything. So please indulge me and accept dark brown or dark purple as black, okay?"

She took out the tureen and served the soup. "This is a pumpkin curry soup. Normally this soup would be made with a cream base, but in order to accommodate Commander T'Pol, the stock instead is a vegetable one. The pumpkin was roasted before it was purιed. The black in this dish is the dark pumpernickel bread on the side. Bon Appetit."

"Won't you join us?" The Captain asked.

"Uh, okay,” Lili sat down.

"Can I ask you something?" Hoshi said.

"Er, I guess so."

"Why don't you wear one of those chef's hats?"

"Oh, whew. Those are called toques. I just don't like them. To me they just separate chefs out from other people. I do need to keep my hair back, so I wear a baseball cap instead."

"Titan Bluebirds,” Phlox read off the front of her cap. "Is that a favored team?"

"I grew up on Titan. They're the hometown nine, but I'm actually a New England Red Sox fan. But that cap's a bit worse for wear. Not really appropriate for an Executive-level dinner."


He got permission from the Empress to come to the Bridge two hours later than usual, and spent his time packing up Jennifer's things and getting them over to Aidan's quarters. Then he cleaned and scrubbed everything that she had touched or laid on. He even cleaned the soft bridging foam which attached the two twin beds together to make one larger bed. While everything was drying, he sat down on the left side of the bed. A little harder than the right. He smiled to himself slightly. The dream bed was also a little harder on the left. Strange. An image of Jennifer's body hit him for just a moment, but it was quickly replaced by crystal blue eyes. He shook his head. "You really are slipping,” he said out loud, to no one. "Kinda stupid to do this if she won't even look at you." He went back to cleaning.


"And so, after the black sesame seeds in the main dish, and the black seaweed from Europa in the salad, it's time for dessert. Dessert is a sweet potato pie, Southern style, with black Mission figs as a garnish. Anyone have any room?"

"Oh. My. God. Ensign, you're gonna make us all fat." The Captain said, “The salad – that's from Voracious, isn't it?"

"How do you know about Voracious?" Lili asked.

"When Chef was thinking of hiring you, he had me go with him to your restaurant. And I had the Harvest Salad that night, too."

"Oh, good. Did you have the duck? We really don't do duck here – too messy and too heavy, and not really in the budget – I used to make Duck Burgers at Voracious. I miss that place."

"What happened to it?" Hoshi asked.

"I sold it when I came on board. I'll probably open another one when I retire."

"Are we ready to start talking about why we're here?" The Captain asked, looking meaningfully at Lili.

"I guess so,” she said.

"Let's start with Dr. Phlox's findings. Doctor?"

"I had the occasion to examine the Ensign and interview her. She spoke of feeling, physically, as if she had engaged in coitus. I performed an examination and found something. Due to the Ensign stating that these encounters occurred while she was asleep, the possibility of there being informed consent appeared to be absent."

"Did you perform a DNA test?" Commander T'Pol asked.

"I did, as per standard Starfleet procedures." The doctor replied. "But then it got interesting. I tested the sperm against every single male on this ship. I even tested it against my own sample. The only male I did not test was Porthos."

"Doc, I wasn't doing it with the dog,” Lili bristled.

"No, of course not. Just attempting a tiny bit of apparently backfiring humor. But testing Porthos would be futile anyway, as he is neutered. In any event, I found no matches whatsoever. I also checked former crew members and there were no matches. I did this even though we have not taken on human passengers or crew for several months."

"Are you certain that the DNA is human?" The Captain asked.

"Absolutely,” Phlox said, “And another things. The sample was saturated with testosterone. Far more than any normal human male can tolerate. It was at a level far more typical of a standard Klingon male."

"But you said it was definitely human." Hoshi pointed out.

"Indeed I did. This is some sort of super-male, perhaps. Would probably have a high sex drive and some aggressive tendencies. Oh and one more thing."

"You mean there's more to this?" Captain Archer asked.

"I tested and found that the incidence of Y chromosomes – which would indicate the potential for male children – was abnormally high. As in, about three-quarters of the sample, if an ovum had been fertilized, would have resulted in a male child. The normal ratio is far closer to fifty-fifty."

"What do you think of all of this, Ensign?" The Captain asked. "Take your time."

"No, I, uh, Doc, you said you looked at former crew members. Did you look at all of them? And I mean every single one of them?"

"I – no, wait. There is a class that is missing. I can run the test from here." he punched a few keys on his PADD.

"Wait, you've lost me,” Hoshi said.

"Ah, there it is. Ensign, we have a match, although the testosterone level still seems off." The doctor pulled up a service record and a picture. "Ensign, is this your, uh, friend?"



He lay back after a long day. They were in the Lafa system and were getting some communications hails, but it was the Empress's way to ignore hails until they were right on top of a planet or ship, bearing down and looking huge and menacing. Tomorrow would be time to spring into action.

He closed his eyes. He knew there was a possibility – and that every day that possibility would grow and grow until it became a probability – that he would not survive the night. "Just have to make things right,” he said out loud. "And quit talking to myself all the time."


The meeting finally over, Lili crawled into bed. "Gotta figure this out." she murmured as she fell asleep.
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