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Re: Does It Get Better???

I think all of Ron Moore's points stand, and the two main criticisms are hard to argue with.

-The crew and ship should be struggling more. It shouldn't be so easy to just build another shuttle and warp engine whenever one crashes so far from Federation space. Sure they can trade if there are friendly aliens but what do they really have to give if their supplies are already limited and why are we not privy to seeing any of these exchanges? Its difficult to feel like you're watching real people in a real situation when the ship is nearly destroyed in "Deadlock" and looking like it did on day 1 in the next episode. I'm sure the ship has a competent core of engineers but its a bit harder to swallow the show telling us they can fix a critically damaged ship covered in hull breaches between episodes with limited supplies. Likewise the throwaway "holodecks have a different power source so we can use them as much as we like" line in season 1 is something Voyager will never live down and will always stand as a testament to the shirking of the premise done from the outset.

-The crew act like a standard Starfleet crew. Looking at the show on paper, most people would expect an initial Starfleet/Maquis struggle ending in a compromise and a blending of Starfleet principles with Maquis pragmatism. Unfortunately we got the same old "senior officers debate Starfleet principles in the meeting room every episode". Thank goodness we finally got some conflict with Seven coming on board.
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