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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Huh? I've seen "Caretaker" a few times (though, not recently), but never recall the ending being so easy.
Tuvok said that it would've taken hours/weeks (some long time length) to get the Array's "Return Voyager Home" program running, and in all that time they'd be under attack from the Kazon and their oncoming reinforcements. They could either stay, fight and lose so the Kazon would get both the Array AND Voyager, or they could blow up the Array then and there and run from the Kazon so they got neither.

They'd never have the chance to use the Array to go home.

And even if they had somehow managed to get it working faster, the way the Array pulled them there killed a lot of people meaning going back would also kill a lot of people. It wasn't even a safe way of going back.

So why the line, "Moya never changes or shows battle damage" then?

Secondly, while they may have not gone to specialists to repair the ship all the time (honestly, I don't remember), they certainly did have to get supplies to maintain and repair the ship on a pretty consistent basis
Because aside from that one story, wherein the remaining damage didn't even affect Moya in the future, Moya doesn't show any battle scars from anything else it goes through.

They mentioned resupplying and repairs, but we never SAW any of it nor did that ever play into the plot. It was lip service.

They may have been transported far from the DMZ and their political struggle, but it doesn't change the fact that the Maquis suddenly found themselves having to work for their would-be jailers, stranded far from home.
Would-be jailers who usually only went after them whenever they attacked the Feds in the first place for stealing supplies or raiding supply lanes for supplies and stuff. Not quite the same as the actively hostile Cardassians who go out of their way to kill them all the time. I'd say they'd be more ready to negotiate and cooperate with the Feds given the circumstances. And vice-versa with the Feds too.

Now, if there was some pre-existing feud with Chakotay's Maquis Cell and Voyager (or if Chakotay was never a Former Fleeter) then I could see real tensions.

Ideally, the second crew should've been Romulans but that's just my pipe dream.

Kirk and Picard weren't stranded in another quadrant, and they weren't stranded 70 years away from home. Theire situations are a little bit different.
Kirk got lost beyond the Galactic Barrier in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and made it back, Picard and co got flung into another Galaxy in "Where No One Has Gone Before" and made it back too.

Except they did it a lot faster than Janeway.

As for her having them lose out on one chance home (and given how the Barzan Wormhole was unstable, it may not have worked right), let's be honest here: This is Gilligan Syndrome, NONE of their chances to go home were going to succeed because the show would end.

What they needed was a more complete premise that they could accomplish without ending the show.

The Maquis would eventually form alliances with other Delta Quadrant factions and they would leave Voyager to join with those factions in hopes that they could one day claim Voyager with the help of those other factions. When it comes down to it, what I am essentially describing is a much larger scale version of the Kazon arc, which as I've said before is my favorite series of episodes on Voyager so far
Personally, I'd think that the Maquis would just be happy finding some DQ world to settle down on as a new home and not want to go back to the AQ at all. After all, their whole conflict was about having their own world to live on as they see fit.
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