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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I just don't find it plausible that the ship would look brand new after all the battles it's fought and all it's gone through. It should be bruised and scarred (both the interior and the exterior) and supplies should be running out.
In Farscape, Moya goes through nasty stuff and it never changes or shows battle damage. Only once in the entire show do they have to take it to a specialist for repair work.
So how does that make it any more plausible in Star Trek? Saying that another show did it too doesn't make it right.

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The crew should be down in the dumps and depressed. After all, all of their opportunities to get home have been foiled by their very own captain.
Deep-Space missions are supposed to last for years (Kirk's was 5 years) away from home and out of touch with Mission Control. And both Kirk and Picard have been in their same situations and yet both managed to return home okay. No reason to get that depressed when at least 5 years away from home is what they signed on for, and they know that this isn't some impossible situation.

And Janeway didn't mess up their ways home, that's all BS VOY Haters spout around.
Kirk and Picard weren't stranded in another quadrant, and they weren't stranded 70 years away from home. Theire situations are a little bit different.

Going back to Janeway, her decision in Caretaker is understandable, but what about in Prime Factors and False Profits? It's true that in Prime Factors the technology ended up being a fluke, but even if it had been capable of sending them back home Janeway still would have refused to steal it because it "goes against her principles." Now, I will give this episode credit for actually showing some adversity between the Starfleet and Maquis. Several Maquis (and Tuvok) went behind Janeway's back and stole the technology. That was interesting and exciting, and it made for a very good episode. My question is, why couldn't they have done episodes like that more often?
I also mentioned False Profits. Janeway's blunder in this episode was not sticking to her principles, but rather just plain stupidity. Even though she had the perfect opportunity to get home (through the wormhole) she chose to wait on it because two stupid Ferengi on the planet were more important than getting the ship and its entire crew home. And, of course, the wormhole closed before they were able to use it.

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I could easily see Maquis murdering Starfleet officers in their sleep.
This, not so much. Why would the Maquis do this? They weren't hardcore arch-enemies of the Feds, their enemies were the Cardassians. They didn't even have really serious differences with the Feds in terms of how they operated, since their own leader was an Ex-Fleeter who brought most of his experience to them.
The situation I was describing was one in which the Maquis grow fed up with Janeway and her bad leadership, and decide to take measures into their own hands. Killing them in their sleep is going a bit far, I admit, but at the very least they could attempt to throw them in the brig or strand them on a planet.

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This would also be a great opportunity to examine the Starfleet officers; how do they respond to the Maquis threat? Do they negotiate and make peace with the Maquis like they have been trained to do, or do they throw their principles aside and fight for their life?
But the Maquis and Feds weren't really enemies in the first place, and the local Maquis Leader (Chakotay) WAS an Ex-Fleeter.

He wasn't even a traitor like Eddington, he formally resigned and THEN joined the Maquis, and he didn't betray secrets or operations in the process. Or go out of his way to antagonize the Feds.

If anything, Chakotay would've been one of the first ones to just say "Look people, we're stuck out here through no fault of anyone. These guys are willing to let bygones be bygones, and frankly they're the only thing we have in the DQ close to a friendly face. We can either work together to try and survive, or we can just ask them to drop us off on the next commerce world, and I'd rather we all stayed here on an advanced Starship."

Yes, this should have all been addressed in the show itself but the bottom line is that the Maquis were never going to be truly adversarial to the Feds and whatever tensions between them would realistically be resolved in 1-2 seasons. Any more than that is just crazy.
Your reasoning for Chakotay not turning on SF is sound, so I'll agree with you on that. In my scenario he could be one of the only Maquis that doesn't turn on the Starfleet officers.

To clarify what I am saying, this scenario I am describing would not last for the entire show. In the first season there would a lot of tension between the Maquis and Starfleet. In season two things would erupt and both sides would fight for control of Voyager. It would start out with the Maquis doing things behind the SF officers backs, and would eventually escalate into war between both sides. The Maquis would eventually form alliances with other Delta Quadrant factions and they would leave Voyager to join with those factions in hopes that they could one day claim Voyager with the help of those other factions. When it comes down to it, what I am essentially describing is a much larger scale version of the Kazon arc, which as I've said before is my favorite series of episodes on Voyager so far.
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