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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Janeway made a conscious decision to trap them there based upon her own set of principles
No, she didn't. The Array was never a viable option, the silly thing was that some characters (Torres) acted like it WAS.

There was never a choice. Unfortunately some of the WRITERS forgot and in episodes like "Night" they acted like it was a choice.
Show me where in Caretaker it said that using the array wasn't a choice. The Caretaker died, and the self-destruct was damaged. Rather than allow the Kazon access to the array after they used it to go home, they decided to blow it up using the tricobalt warheads.

So, I ask you, point to where in Caretaker they acknowledge that it's not a viable option?

EDIT: Shoot, I'll do the work for you. This is from Memory-Alpha's episode summary:
Inside the array, the holographic simulation fails revealing the array's true layout. The Caretaker, now in his natural form, tells Janeway that the self-destruct system was damaged so now the array won't be destroyed. The Caretaker then finally dies, and in his final words states that if Kazon take the array, they will annihilate the Ocampa.

Janeway is now left with a difficult decision. Should she use the array to return to the Alpha Quadrant and let it fall into Kazon hands or destroy the array, as the Caretaker wanted at the cost of a way home? Tuvok reminds his Captain that any action taken to protect the Ocampa will affect the balance of power in this region of space; they would have to comply with the Prime Directive though Janeway questions the validity of the Prime Directive in this situation because, regardless of whether they chose to become involved in the affairs of the Ocampa or the Kazon, they are involved nonetheless. She and Tuvok beam back to Voyager when they discover that a Kazon fleet has arrived at the array. Janeway finally makes her decision and asks Tuvok to prepare tricobalt devices to destroy the array. B'Elanna Torres loudly argues that they will never be able to get home, but Chakotay bluntly overrules her. Janeway then orders Tuvok to fire and the tricobalt devices destroy the array, leaving no debris.
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