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Re: Does It Get Better???

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That "Burned Moya" thing was what I was talking about.
So why the line, "Moya never changes or shows battle damage" then?

Secondly, while they may have not gone to specialists to repair the ship all the time (honestly, I don't remember), they certainly did have to get supplies to maintain and repair the ship on a pretty consistent basis.

Third, you haven't mentioned the Moya pregnancy yet. While certainly not something that could have been done with Voyager, the ship on Farscape certainly didn't go without changes, as you suggested.

Yes, there should've been SOME friction but given how the Maquis really didn't have true differences in ideology and organization from Starfleet realistically it wasn't going to be much, nor was it going to last.
Besides the ideological difference that the Maquis wanted to make war against the Cardassians, while the Federation wanted to avoid this and was willing to arrest anyone who tried to do so? They may have been transported far from the DMZ and their political struggle, but it doesn't change the fact that the Maquis suddenly found themselves having to work for their would-be jailers, stranded far from home.

No, she didn't. The Array was never a viable option, the silly thing was that some characters (Torres) acted like it WAS.
Huh? I've seen "Caretaker" a few times (though, not recently), but never recall the ending being so easy.
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