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Re: Does It Get Better???

That "Burned Moya" thing was what I was talking about. Only once in the entire show do they need to take it to a Ship Doctor for repairs, and even if there's still some damaged parts of the ship it never affects Moya in any real capacity. It's not like for the rest of the show she can't Starburst or is in chronic pain or anything.

Even if they were sent out to catch them, does that mean that once you took away the DMZ and the Cardassians, they still had any real reason to keep fighting? Chakotay's group never encountered Voyager before so there was nothing personal between them, and to continue to fight in the DQ would just be silly. Yes, there should've been SOME friction but given how the Maquis really didn't have true differences in ideology and organization from Starfleet realistically it wasn't going to be much, nor was it going to last.

In Farscape, the crew of Moya were all violent criminals/true enemies beforehand. And also, they really didn't NEED one another since Moya ran itself and the ship didn't belong to any of them so there was no unity between any of them either. Not so with Voyager.

Janeway made a conscious decision to trap them there based upon her own set of principles
No, she didn't. The Array was never a viable option, the silly thing was that some characters (Torres) acted like it WAS.

There was never a choice. Unfortunately some of the WRITERS forgot and in episodes like "Night" they acted like it was a choice.
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