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In Farscape, Moya goes through nasty stuff and it never changes or shows battle damage. Only once in the entire show do they have to take it to a specialist for repair work.
That's simply not true. One case immediately comes to mind. Late in season two, the ship is seriously burned to kill some nasty critters on board. Several episodes into season three, we revisit that part of the ship -- and it's still burned.

Deep-Space missions are supposed to last for years (Kirk's was 5 years) away from home and out of touch with Mission Control.
What's this based on again? As I indicated elsewhere in the forum, that was never the intention of the original Star Trek. That was the intention of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but the premise was abandoned early in the first season, after barely being mentioned.

But the Maquis and Feds weren't really enemies in the first place, and the local Maquis Leader (Chakotay) WAS an Ex-Fleeter.

He wasn't even a traitor like Eddington, he formally resigned and THEN joined the Maquis, and he didn't betray secrets or operations in the process. Or go out of his way to antagonize the Feds.

If anything, Chakotay would've been one of the first ones to just say "Look people, we're stuck out here through no fault of anyone. These guys are willing to let bygones be bygones, and frankly they're the only thing we have in the DQ close to a friendly face. We can either work together to try and survive, or we can just ask them to drop us off on the next commerce world, and I'd rather we all stayed here on an advanced Starship."
Janeway was sent to hunt down and capture the Maquis. They were certainly enemies. That some of the Maquis were once part of Starfleet (do we ever get a clear idea of the numbers that were?) doesn't negate that.

Secondly, thy weren't trapped in the Delta Quadrant by accident. Janeway made a conscious decision to trap them there based upon her own set of principles. The Maquis might have chosen Voyager because it was their best option -- but that doesn't mean they wouldn't be angry about the situation, and furious at Janeway. Honestly, it's surprising that more members of Janeway's crew weren't mad at her. Even if they were on a deep space mission, it certainly wouldn't have been intended to last for 70 years.
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