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Re: Mariska Hargitay to Continue with Law & Order:SVU

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Where are the Cold Case DVDs anyway? I heard it was something to do with the music rights.
Yup. There's so much music on Cold Case that getting all the rights would be way too cost prohibitive for a DVD release. way we are ever gonna see Cold Case DVD sets. Every single episode of that show has period-specific popular music on it, and no way could they get the rights to all that for a reasonable amount of money. It would be impossible. They even had a few episodes where they used the music of only one band - I remember they used Bruce Springsteen's music for one episode, for example.

This is the only show that I have pieces of that were acquired by alternate means. I purchase the DVD sets for all of my favorite shows, and would gladly purchase them for Cold Case...but no way we are ever gonna see them. It's a shame for the fans, but they couldn't ever get all the rights, and re-scoring every single episode of a show that ran for what? 7 years? That ain't gonna happen. Still, put out the DVD sets and I'll be the first in line. I loved that show - great characters!
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