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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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She's leading the team in "X-Men" which is under Cyclops' banner and she's still a vampire.

Incredible Hulk #4: This has been one crazy ass book. If it were any writer other than Jason Aaron, I doubt I would find it as interesting and entertaining as I do. The only one small negative I have on it is that I'm not sure I like this new "crazy" Bruce. Banner appears to have finally snapped. Unable to deal with the obvious separation anxiety. I love this Amanda Von Doom character though. She's a great addition to the mythos...and this Island of Dr. Moreau take is fascinating. Next week we're supposed to learn who separated them.

Scarlet Spider #1: I have been looking forward to this book since it was announced and at least in my opinion delivers. Does a nice job of quickly summarizing Kaine's past, his new powers, introducing potential new cast members. The art is fantastic as well. The title logo I believe is Ben Reily's old book's design which is a nice homage indeed. Christopher Yost is the writer of the book and didn't like his run on "X-Men" but this is great so far.
I only read a few issues of the X-Men/Vampire arc so I missed that Jubilee got turned. Weird. Explains why I didn't get that in house ad I saw.

Admiral we read the same books last night.
Hulk #4 - This issue was the first to really show or demonstrate the Bruce has snapped. He appeared on edge in the prior issues but there was one panel where they really gave him a "mad scientist" look as he glared back at Hulk. I'll be curious to see if any of his hybrid creations survive into other stories or if that Gamma Bomb is going to be used as 'reset button', wiping out all his mutations? I'm also curious to see how much development they give Commander VonDoom. Another aspect I'm hoping for is that if the ID of Banner and Hulk is separate then perhaps the ID of Gray Hulk/Fixit still resides within Banner. Afterall that was the first Hulk, maybe that ID is buried deeper AND/OR the being that separated them didn't know to look for it. Maybe if that Gamma Bomb goes off it interacts with all the isotopes in Banner's body and gives us a Gray/Green Hulk battle royale? This time NOT just in Banner's psyche like when Doc Samson merged them all back in Hulk #377 but an actual physical slugfest. That would be WIN!!

Scarlet Spider #1 - I've not kept up with Spiderman regularly for some time. I had heard during Spider Island that Ben Reilly, Kaine etc had resurfaced but the art by Ramos is so off puttting to me I couldn't buy the books. I like Jackal as a foe, underused imo, but the art, sigh. I was hoping this was Marvel righting the cope out death of Ben in the 90's but the summary tells me that this Ben Reilly coming out of Spider Island ALSO died. WTF Marvel. Fans didn't just want Scarlet Spider back they wanted Ben also. So this 'new' Kaine, I'm assuming he has no ties to pre-BND Kaine, is going to assume the mantle of Scarlet Spider to honor Ben's sacrifice it seems? I'll bite for the first arc. I do like being somewhere in the MU that is not NYC, LA or Chicago so lets see what they do with Houston. It's a big city of some 4-5 million.
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