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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I keep seeing the name Jeri Taylor at the end of a lot of episodes. I'm guessing that she has something to do with Voyager's shortcomings.
LOL, you're right. Voyager suffered from poor showrunning.
Michael Piller was showrunner in the first two seasons and he wanted the show to have more story arcs (like the Kazon) and the ship to be in a more realistic situation re: no holodecks etc. Unfortunately Jeri Taylor pushed for Voyager to basically be like the Enterprise is another part of space.
Piller left/was ousted at the end of season 2 bringing an end to the Kazon arc he loved so much and we got Jeri Taylor for season 3 and they promised the show would be more "fun" but all we got was a pile of crappy filler episodes. She remained showrunner again for season 4 which improved thanks to the introduction of some new writers and Seven of Nine. Brannon Braga was showrunner in season 5 and 6 and according to Ronald D. Moore apparently lost all the will he had to make the show into what he originally wanted (apparently something much more realistic and with more epic storylines) and just settled into continuing the show as it had been and making it totally episodic while and enjoying swimming in his piles of cash and banging Jeri Ryan.

Ronald D Moore says in his infamous interview where he basically let loose with his opinions on Voyager/working on Voyager that the atmosphere was somewhat toxic and not a collabartive and free environment like the DS9 writing room. Apparently Braga and Menosky were dicks to the other writers which I can believe.
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