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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Wouldn't a species with space faring abilities leave some kind of trace behind? That's the part of this episode that I find so implausible. But in the scheme of things it wasn't that important because it didn't make me enjoy this episode any less.
The sad thing is I do think that Distant Origin had the potential to be a really good episode; the Voth scientists are well acted and their story is quite moving... it's just I can't ignore all the crap that surrounds it. I'm glad that you can though, it's nice to know that every episode, even the ones I personally can't stand, are liked by somebody!

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I keep seeing the name Jeri Taylor at the end of a lot of episodes. I'm guessing that she has something to do with Voyager's shortcomings.
I'm not sure I'd lay the blame for Voyager's problems at Jeri Taylor's door myself. Then again it seems everyone has a certain writer they like to bitch about and mine is Braga, despite the fact he gave Voyager some really good episodes.

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With all that said, I'll gladly watch Voyager over a lot of the crap that we get on TV nowadays.
That's the thing about the crappy parts of Voyager, and even bad Star Trek in general; sometimes an episode is really awful but it's still Trek after all and I'd sooner be watching that than many other things.
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