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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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It was fun, and has me convinced to do more of them. I want to collect either the MACO or Omega Force space and ground sets. So far, I'm leaning towards the MACO XI set. For those that already have these sets, can you suggest which ones are best?
It's tough to make a recommendation at the moment, partly because both space and ground sets are getting revised (some heavily revised) and each piece of a set has it's own strengths. This includes the Borg, Aegis and Breen sets which are getting slightly changed as well.

These recommendations are based on the current build on tribble.

For a 2-piece set bonus, the Omega is best. The tetryon glider now works and effectively adds damage to shields (but shields only). Combined with the polarized tetryon beam array, which has a 10% chance of proccing compared to the normal 2.5%, it could be very useful.

Note that currently the Omega engine is seriously bugged. It's supposed to half the cooldown rate of quantum slipstream, but it's now also decreasing ALL boff/captain powers cooldown time (cannon rapid fire for example is 15 seconds with these engines equipped). Can't believe they're letting this go live.

Of the two, the MACO shield is easily the best. 10% energy weapon resistance, high cap for a resilient shield and the Power Conduit Link passive. Upon recieving damage, the power conduit link gives a +2 power bonus to all systems. This stacks up to +10 power for 15 seconds.

As for ground, I'd have to say the MACO set easily. However, once they've finished adjusting the space sets, the ground sets are going to be changed, so I'd hold off for now.
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