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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Earth 2 sounds interesting, but that's basically because of the title and the very limited gives the title a sense of both mystery and anticipation. Honestly, this title could go anywhere. More info is needed. Personally, I'm hoping for a Jay Garrick shout out.

World's Finest sounds dumb. Lets put the two dullest DC characters (who are, essentially, knock-offs of knock-offs) in a team-up book that basically lifts its premise from one of the other, weak-selling current New 52 titles, namely Legion Lost. Then again, I'm not all that much of fan of "OMG! We're exiles!" series.

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There came a point where the timeline and continuity became more important than telling good stories.
Yeah, same problem Star Trek had before Abrams.
I never understood that criticism (and never really saw it before the Abrams movie hit). To me, it always seemed that continuity was never was barrier to the storytelling, and, if the Enterprise haters are to be believed, ENT continually broke continuity. Then again, that was more of a case of "It's wrong because that's not how I would do it!".
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