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This is a bit of a tangent, but I am currently reading the second volume of an urban-fantasy series by Richard Kadrey that may be of interest to fans of vampirism.

The books in the series are entitled Sandman Slim, Kill the Dead, and Aloha from Hell. In a world where magic and monsters are real, but hiding out in the margins of everyday life, the main character is a magician who is betrayed by his friends and dragged down to Hell while still alive. Once he's Downtown, though, he discovers that he possesses unexpected powers. After eleven years, he claws his way back to the world of the living, and goes looking for revenge.

The style is very hard-boiled--think Supernatural meets Mickey Spillane. The main character's name, Stark, is a pretty clear homage to Richard Stark, author of a series of hard-boiled crime novels featuring a professional thief named Parker. (Kadrey includes a character named Parker, as well) I don't read much urban fantasy, but I'm enjoying these books a lot, so I think I will read more in the future.

Vampires exist in the world of these books, and the second novel begins with the hero hunting down bloodsuckers, Blade-style. There's also a monster called a Jade, which drinks people, instead of just their blood: like a spider, it injects its victims with digestive enzymes, liquefying their insides, and then enjoys a human milkshake. Yummy.
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