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Re: Did the alien design on Voyager just get lazy?

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Crazy hair?
The Kazon.

Scales or fins or gills? Horns?
We had all of those. Even Naomi had horns.
Maybe I should have been more precise, but I meant repeatedly, specifically. Maybe we saw crazy hair once with the Kazon, and horns once with Naomi, and... actually I don't really recall fins... it's been a while though. Point is, maybe we do see each of those things once (or maybe a couple of times; I don't necessarily LITERALLY mean exactly once, before anyone jumps on that ). But we had a BUNCH of "bumpy forehead variant" aliens. So, instead of tons of bumpy foreheads and only one or two each of horns, crazy hair, etc., why not some bumpy foreheads, some horns, some gills, some crazy hairs, etc. Mix it up more. Assuming the budget allows for it of course. Which brings me to:
What helped Westmore achieve so many aliens on the budget he had was being able to pre-paint many of the foam latex appliances. Older technologies did not permit this.

What about skin colors that humans can't have?
If you've read interviews with ST actors who had their skin coloration changed, the clean-up afterwards is worse than the application process. Leonard John Crofoot (Robotic gold Lal) and Yvonne Craig (Marta in TOS) spent hours in the shower being scrubbed by stage hands, then had to turn up for it to happen all over again the next day.

Skin patterns are time-consuming and very hard to match day-by-day. Dax in DS9 was a nightmare; Westmore said her spots never matched under scrutiny. That's why they tend to be for one-off cameos, such as the waterproof stripes applied to the triple-breasted cat dancer played by Linda Fetters in ST V:
All fair enough. I either hadn't considered or didn't know much of that in regards to why some of those things would, in fact, be considerably harder and/or more expensive to use, especially repeatedly, than bumpy foreheads. So it's more excusable than I gave credit for initially. Still think the show could have done with less alien-of-the-week shows anyway - not just in terms of the make-up, but in general. But that's sort of a different topic.

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