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Re: Does It Get Better???

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It was an episode about progress, and how unfortunately in many cultures progress is halted by ignorant people who fear change.
I admit I was being a tad facetious in my 'not knowing what it was about' comment. However, I suppose I could give the writers credit for attempting to deal with an important issue.... no.. sorry... when it comes to Distant Origin my mind is, ironically, firmly closed.

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Connecting this back to Distant Origin, I'm not entirely sure what the Minisitry of Elders stood to lose from this scientific revelation, unless they are religious figures? Can anyone clarify this?
Power, perhaps? If the power the Elders hold is based on a lie then if the people they lead/rule find out the very foundation of all they've been told to believe is true, is in actuality false, then they've got the possibility of riots/coups/the fragmentation of society as they know it. Also the encouraged hatred/fear of mammalian lifeforms plays into the Elders' hands; if the masses suddenly realise thay are not the enemy but merely similar to a long lost genetic cousin that could cause problems too.

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And what was so shameful about the dinosaur scene on the holodeck?
The overall concept for the episode, at least how it was framed, that dinosaurs evolved into a spacefaring creature and left Earth before mammals evolved into intelligent lifeforms, without leaving any trace, I might add, of their civilisation... blows my mind with the utter ridiculousness of the idea. For me, watching the moment when Janeway stands on the holodeck and says something to this effect (something about the dinosaur evolving into a more humanoid lifeform) is like watching a car round a corner too fast and knowing it's going to crash into a wall, but not being able to do anything about it except look on in horror.
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