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Re: The Wheel of Time

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My biggest problem with the series is that Nynaeve is the most annoying character ever created in the history of the world.

That said, I plan to re-read the series when they're all out. I stopped aroubd book 8, the first time.
she's like the annoying big sister :P
she gets a little less annoying after she overcomes her block and gets married

one of the biggest things that annoys me is when Jordan wrote about all the ladies embroidered dresses and bosoms and pouty lips . . . there have to be better ways to describe female characters
then again, this isn't exactly fine literature

my favorites are Egwene and Perrin. Egwene has definitely changed a lot over the course of the books . . . she climbed her way up the White Tower, essentially forced by events out of her control, but she proved that she wasn't a puppet and she deserves to lead. She's shown a determination and force of will that nearly everyone else has vastly underestimated.

and Perrin I think is more interesting than Rand . . . Rand is the archetypal Chosen One. Once he accepted being the Dragon Reborn he got less interesting because the majority of his self discovery was complete. One thing that Jordan did well with Rand was giving him the wounds and the lasting effects of the taint on saidin . . . it removed most of the cliche of him being the most powerful channeler since the power comes with a price. But still . . . the whole 'Chosen One' thing has been done to death
That's why I like Perrin. he's simple.
one of my other favorites is Thom Merrilin. Most people I've heard picture him as Sam Elliot . . . Elliot certainly fits Thom's physical description, but no . . . I picture Keith David
After watching him as Max Malini in The Cape it was a no brainer. Max Malini is Thom Merrilin.
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