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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Yes, It does and no it doesn't.
If acting ranks higher for you than script, then shouldn't it rank higher due to Lien performance? IMO she was better in this than "Warlord' or "Coldfire".
It also makes me wonder if Voyager is the right show for you.(regardless if it's Trek or not) in regards to "Does it Get Better"
Better than her performance in Warlord? I have to disagree with you on that. I thought she went above and beyond in Warlord; she was nasty, cruel, and extremely seductive. Playing the villain gave her the chance to show audiences what she was fully capable of.
As for Cold Fire, I don't think her performance was any stronger in that episode than in Before And After, but I did feel that that episode had a stronger story (or at the very least a story I had more personal interest in). I thought it was really neat how Cold Fire explored her telekinetic powers (is that the right "tele" word?) and also how it connected back to the show's pilot episode by introducing us to a relative of the Caretaker and showing us the Ocampans again. It also saw good development for Kes.
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