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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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It isn't about the loss of is just we're supposed to believe she's been crippled for three out of the five years of this compressed timeline. I normally don't really care about continuity...but they way DC has set up this relaunch and settled on a compressed five year time line with some events happening and some not happen is stupid to me. It doesn't make sense. Then again I'm a fan of most of the DCU prior to the relaunch which had a ten or twelve year time line. Damn. I'm sounding like EJA
Maybe it's just me, and the fact I've not really read comics in a few years, but I don't care about the compressed timeline. Hell, I would've been fine if they made it so she had never been crippled.

Well, I know one the big issues with Barbara walking again, was the fact that as Oracle she had become a bit of an icon for people with disabilites, and so people were pissed that they were losing that.
See, I'm not sure how much sense that explanation made sense to me either. People in wheelchairs disappointed because there's now no superheroes... in.... wheelchairs? So now they've no one to look up in order to become a superhero... ?

Sure I can see it's nice in a diversity sort of way, but I'm sure that could be fixed as well by just making another Oracle-like character who is wheel-chair bound.
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