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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Batgirl: I must be in a minority here, but this is a book I'm really enjoying. I mostly like Barbra's narration. Just, generally, I think it's a fun book and look forward to see where this current story line goes.

Batman and Robin: This book I just might drop. I'm not feeling it at all and it just doesn't interest me.
I'm that minority too. Don't really see what all the hub bub about the timeline and Oracle is about. Of course I was reading comics before the Killing Joke and before Oracle, so maybe that makes a difference.
Well, I know one the big issues with Barbara walking again, was the fact that as Oracle she had become a bit of an icon for people with disabilites, and so people were pissed that they were losing that. And as a person with medical problems (not quite bad enough to be considered disabled, but I've come close when things flare up) I can see where that could become important to people, and how it could be frustrating to see that being changed. Despite my mixed feelings, I do still plan on checking the series out though.
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